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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Channa orientalis

Channa orientalis is a dwarf snakehead species. the common name give to 'channa orientalis' is the ceylon snakehead. They are freshwater fish that grow to a maximum size of 10 cm/4 inches. They originate southwest of the island of Sri Lanka. They are predatory fish that feed on plankton, insects and sometimes small amphibians. They can breathe on land for short periods of time depending on the weather. During wet weather they can survive on land for more than 4 days however if their bodies were to dry-up they would die. They are hardy fish that can survive environmental changes and have a good tolerance to high acidity in water.Channa orientalis (Ceylon Snakehead) is according to existing reports a mouth brooder. The male carries the eggs while the female guard the territory. The male is less active during this period and is often seen close to the surface. The fry remain with the male until the can take care of them self. Females may catch stray fry and return them to the mouth of the male. The fry is ejected via the gill openings.

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