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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hot water heat recycling,dishwashing, clothes washing and especially showers

Hot water heat recycling (also known as drain water heat recovery, greywater heat recovery, or sometimes shower water heat recovery) is the use of heat exchanger technology to recover and reuse hot water heat from various activities such as dishwashing, clothes washing and especially showers. The technology is used to reduce primary energy consumption for domestic water heating. Standard units save up to 60% of the heat energy that is otherwise lost down the drain when using the shower.

The technology is fully recognized in Canada where the federal ecoENERGY retrofit for homes program offers grants for installations and the EnerGuide for New Houses program has energy savings and energy credit calculations that it uses for new home construction.

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winstonworks said...

The existing drainwater heat exchanger design has no value for any use but shower. This is because the design has no heat storage capacity. As well, it is not suitable for horizontal use.
Drainergy design heat exchangers do have protected heat storage and come in both horizontal and vertical models.
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