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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Respect diversity

The prerogative to respect diversity, often said to "begin with biodiversity" of non-human life, is basic to some 20th century studies such as cultural ecology, Queer studies, and anthropological linguistics.

In various forms it is promoted by many political movements, most notably feminism, gay rights, green politics and the anti-globalization movement. However it means somewhat different things in each of these. To some, diversity means bio-diversity and the existence of several distinct races and cultures. To others, diversity means the mixing and reunification of races and cultures back into one, as per the melting pot idea.

Prescriptions to respect (non-biological) diversity are common in:

* community-based economics, i.e. no one policy for all regions, especially all ecoregions
* diversity training that is designed to encourage people to be aware of how different people perceive the world and how an awareness of this can enhance efficiency of an organisation
* consensus decision making support

However, some believe "diversity" is a meaningless buzzword used by those who espouse political correctness, as many counter-productive examples exist.

But others believe the development, appreciation, and fostering of diversity are key survival strategies for individuals and businesses competing in an increasing diverse world.

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